Very knowledgeable about hearing aids.  Always available when you need assistance. Very friendly.


I didn’t think I had a hearing problem, but my wife was tired of speaking loudly, repeating herself and having the TV turned way up.  She asked me to see Dr. Culbertson at Meadowcrest Audiology, and we’re both glad I did.  Dr. Culbertson was friendly and professional, quickly determined the type of hearing loss I have and corrected it with hearing aids that fit my budget.  No one knows I’m wearing hearing aids unless I tell them, and now I don’t miss out on conversations with friends, and I can hear TV dialogue better at a volume that is comfortable for everyone else.  If your loved one is starting to have trouble hearing, ask them to see Dr. Culbertson, you’ll both be glad you did.


Dr. Culbertson diagnosed me with a Cookie Bite Hearing Loss in 2019. Finding the right hearing aid fit for my loss that also allowed me to continue refining my musical abilities was challenging, but Dr.
Culbertson was patient and worked individually with me to determine the best option of treatment for me.