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3 Signs You Could Benefit From a Hearing Aid Fitting

According to Meadowcrest Audiology, over 48 million Americans have trouble hearing. Even if you were born with good hearing, it can decrease over time due to age, illness, and lifestyle. Luckily, some devices can assist people experiencing hearing loss. Here are some signs that you may need a hearing aid fitting.

1. Everything Sounds Low

Maybe you can hear, but it seems as if everything sounds lower than before. Do you find it hard to hear high pitch sounds that once came easy to your ears? A hearing aid fitting can help you find the right level where the sound trickles off for you. Such aids make it easy to amplify sounds so you can hear everything with ease.

2. Social Situations Are Stressful

Getting together with large groups of family and friends means lots of talking. Trying to keep up with these conversations may be more difficult than before. From all the background noise to keeping an ear out for what someone else is saying around you, it may be too much to handle. If you're struggling to hear what's going on, even when talking to someone next to you, a hearing aid fitting can help.

These issues may eventually lead to you avoiding social situations entirely if you don't address your hearing issues. If you notice you're avoiding socializing because of your difficulty keeping up with conversations, it may be time to get help from an audiologist. A good hearing aid fitting can help restore your confidence and get you out socializing with friends and family again.

3. Devices Seem Quieter

It's one thing to turn the TV or phone sky-high when in a noisy environment. However, if you find yourself doing so, even when in a room by yourself or just one other person, it's a signal that you can't hear sounds at a normal level. Constantly putting sounds at a high level may also further damage your ears if you're not careful. Let a hearing aid professional help you find the right balance.

If you experience hearing loss, remember you're not alone. After all, millions of other Americans are in the same boat. However, thanks to technology, various devices can help you adjust your hearing comfortably to understand conversations, hear ambient noises, and more. Contact Meadowcrest Audiology today for assistance.

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