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Other Products

Hearing Aid Accessories
With today’s advanced hearing aid technology, accessories are not often needed. However, each
manufacturer offers accessories such as TV amplifiers and remote microphones that pair to your hearing aids for those occasions when a little extra help is needed.




Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices, or ALDs, are a different category of technology solutions for the hearing-
impaired or deaf. They include hand-held personal communication devices and alerting devices, such as alarm clocks and doorbells with a strobe light. ALDs also include FM, infra-red, and induction loop
amplification systems. Your audiologist will work closely with you to find the right solution no matter
what your hearing needs may be.

CaptionCall Phone
Closed captioned phones enable you to not only hear better on the phone but also to read the other
speakers’ words on the screen. Ask the audiologist if you are eligible for a free CaptionCall phone.

Hearing protection, Musician monitors, Swim Plugs
Custom-fit hearing protection, swim plugs, and musician monitors are available. Ask the audiologist for
more details.

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