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High-Quality Digital Hearing Aids Harrisonburg, VA Patients Depend On

The most common complaint of those suffering from hearing loss is “I can hear people talking but I can’t understand what they are saying. It’s much more difficult when I’m around noise, like in a restaurant.”

This is exactly what hearing aids help with - better quality hearing not only in a quiet environment, but in a noisy one as well. Like all digital technology, it keeps getting better year after year. Today’s hearing devices are so sophisticated, sound so natural, and are so easy to use that most people forget they are wearing them.

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are also available in different levels of
technology, meaning some have more advanced features and some are more basic. The cost of hearing aids is usually driven by the number of features in the selected level of technology, not necessarily by size. The audiologist will make recommendations based on your hearing loss, lifestyle, medical considerations like manual dexterity and vision, cosmetics, and of course, budget. There is a solution for everyone!

These are some styles of hearing aids:


Hearing Aid Features

When it comes to choosing hearing aids in Harrisonburg, VA, it's important to discuss your wants and needs with an audiologist first. This is where Meadowcrest Audiology comes in. We'll help you understand how hearing aids work and the many features they offer. Here are a few of the most common features you'll see in our hearing aids: automatic adjustment for noise reduction depending on environment, dual microphones for better hearing in noise, directional microphones, ear to ear communication for localization of sound and better management of noise, tinnitus management, rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth streaming/connectivity, apps.


Our audiology practice works with many manufacturers, including:

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Contact Us Today

If you suffer from hearing loss and are ready to make a change, consider scheduling an appointment with our experienced audiologist here at Meadowcrest Audiology. We'll go over your options and ensure you get the high-quality hearing aids Harrisonburg, VA patients can count on! Contact us today to schedule your hearing aid fitting.

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