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Our Mission Statement
We seek to provide patient-centric healthcare and to improve the lives of those who have hearing challenges. We emphasize compassion and listening to our patients to understand where they are coming from no matter their background. At Meadowcrest Audiology, everyone is welcome.


Kathleen A. Culbertson, AuD, CCC-A

Dr. Culbertson, owner and certified audiologist, has been in the hearing healthcare field for over twenty
years. Her clinical experience includes many years in medical settings specializing in diagnostic hearing
and balance evaluations, hearing aid fittings, as well as clinical management. She has also worked in
private audiology practices with a focus on hearing aid evaluations, sales, and service. She received both
her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Audiology from the University of Northern Colorado and her
Doctoral degree in Audiology from the University of Florida. She holds her certification of clinical
competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Virginia state licensure in
audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Dr. Culbertson

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has been fitting hearing aids since the beginning of her career and enjoys nothing more than helping her patients experience the improved quality of life that today’s hearing aid technology can offer.

After living in Maryland for many years where they raised their two grown children, Dr. Culbertson and her husband moved to the Charlottesville area in 2015. When not busy working, they enjoy hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains, visiting wineries, watching college basketball, and most importantly, spending time with friends and family.


“Very knowledgeable about hearing aids.  Always available when you need assistance. Very friendly. “
DSW and  RMW

"I didn't think I had a hearing problem, but my wife was tired of speaking loudly, repeating herself and
having the TV turned way up.  She asked me to see Dr. Culbertson at Meadowcrest Audiology, and we're
both glad I did.  Dr. Culbertson was friendly and professional, quickly determined the type of hearing
loss I have and corrected it with hearing aids that fit my budget.  No one knows I'm wearing hearing aids
unless I tell them, and now I don't miss out on conversations with friends, and I can hear TV dialogue

better at a volume that is comfortable for everyone else.  If your loved one is starting to have trouble
hearing, ask them to see Dr. Culbertson, you'll both be glad you did.”

“Dr. Culbertson diagnosed me with a Cookie Bite Hearing Loss in 2019. Finding the right hearing aid fit
for my loss that also allowed me to continue refining my musical abilities was challenging, but Dr.
Culbertson was patient and worked individually with me to determine the best option of treatment for

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